Drug & Alcohol Awareness Activities

Updated March 23, 2017

Substance abuse, whether it's drugs, alcohol or even cigarettes, has a negative effect on society. You can help prevent substance abuse by sponsoring awareness programs designed to highlight the potential hazards of substance abuse and addiction. These awareness programs often take place in schools. In many cases, drug treatment facilities or law enforcement agencies host the awareness programs with the hope of educating children to the dangers of addiction and substance abuse early in their lives.


Sponsor a D.A.R.E. day at your school, church or other organisation. D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, and they will readily visit your school or organisation. D.A.R.E. sponsors awareness activities for kids that incorporate fun and education in an effort to alert them to the dangers of substance abuse. These activities include plays, dances and fundraising events.


Invite MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to speak at your school or church. The organisation includes mothers and other people who have lost loved ones to drunk drivers. It's a reality-based awareness program that sponsors fundraisers and hosts speaking engagements across the country to make teens and adults aware of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Visit

Take your class to visit a drug and alcohol treatment centre. You can arrange it by contacting the rehabilitation centre and setting the visit up in advance. Many rehabilitation centres allow school students or church students to speak with recovering addicts about the dangers of drug and alcohol, as well as providing them with educational materials for further study.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Day

Hold a special day once a month to engage in activities such as watching documentaries about drug and alcohol use, doing work sheets, and discussing the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Regular implementation of these drug and alcohol awareness activities can help ensure successful memory retention.

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