60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

When a man reaches his 60th birthday, it is usually celebrated as a big event. While many jokes centre on how the person is "over the hill" there is no reason why you cannot make the event memorable with a thoughtful and appropriate gift. After all, just because a man turns 60 does not mean they should have to receive gifts like old man hats and walking canes.


Perishable gifts are one of the best options for a 60-year-old man with limited space. A gift such as a food-of-the-month membership or a gift basket full of tasty goodies is always appreciated. You can even make a food item to give to him if your budget is tight. If the man lives far away, consider the gift of flowers, or a cookie or fruit bouquet.


Keepsake gifts offer an extra personalised touch to a gift that will be treasured for years. A personalised photo frame could hold a picture of the two of you. You could also make a scrapbook of the man's family or life, or make a memory book where family members write a special memory they have of the birthday recipient. You can make photo shirts or even a photo blanket full of pictures of family members.

Gag Gifts

If you have a jovial relationship with the 60-year-old man, go with the gag gift theme. You may want to also give a gift that has more meaning. There are hundreds of gag gifts ranging from "over the hill" coffee cups, to wine glasses with "aged to perfection" written on them, to hats with silly messages and almost anything else you can think of. Some gag gifts may even come with adult diapers as an additional joke. Just make sure the birthday recipient will not be offended by any of the gifts.


Another appropriate gift for the 60-year-old man is a gift related to a sport that he enjoys. If he likes golf you can give golfing equipment. If he prefers to watch basketball or football, then consider a gift that has the name of his favourite team. You can even purchase tickets to watch a favourite game with him. If the man likes to exercise, consider the gift of exercise clothing, or maybe a fancy water bottle or some other exercise accessory.

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