Ideas for Renewing the Vows for the 50th Anniversary

Updated February 21, 2017

The 50th wedding anniversary, also known as the "golden anniversary," is indeed a reason to celebrate. Commemorating this very special occasion by renewing your wedding vows will make this anniversary especially sentimental for you and your spouse, as well as family members and loved ones. A 50th anniversary vow renewal is also a wonderful gift to present to your parents or grandparents.

Outdoor Vow Renewal

Make a reservation at your local botanical gardens to renew your vows surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers in various colours. Or commemorate 50 years of marriage at a national park surrounded by majestic trees and waterfalls if you and your mate are nature lovers. Invite a small group to celebrate the occasion with you, such as your children or lifelong best friends, or make the vow renewal a large family gathering by having a short ceremony and engaging in a picnic afterward. Take several pictures at the event to add to your family scrapbook or wedding album so you can look back on the event as often as you like.

Wedding Ceremony Reenactment

Renew your wedding vows at the church where you held your original wedding ceremony. Invite as many people from the first ceremony as possible, and ask them to dress in the colours you used to decorate the chapel the first time you walked down the aisle. Ask a loved one who is a clergy member to perform the vow renewal ceremony, and arrange for a small reception in the fellowship hall of the church featuring some of the same fare from the reception you and your husband enjoyed 50 years ago. Take a picture of your first wedding cake to a local baker so the professional can re-create the wedding dessert and make for more great wedding-related memories and photos.

Vacation Vow Renewal

If you're planning a 50th anniversary vow renewal for your parents, arrange for the family to take a vacation to a tropical destination so your mother and father can say their "I do"s again amid exotic scenery. For instance, plan months in advance for your immediate family, siblings, parents and grandparents to visit Hawaii, and book a honeymoon suite for your parents to enjoy room service and luxury hotel amenities before and after the actual vow renewal. Purchase a wedding vow renewal wedding package that includes a minister to "remarry" your parents, along with a reception dinner, leis for the two of them and a photo session to capture the memories.

Vow Renewal Banquet

Reserve a local hotel conference room or banquet hall for your grandparents to renew their vows. Decorate the space with golden decor like large vases filled with synthetic roses sprayed with gold or gold tablecloths and table confetti and arrange for a professional photographer to attend the event to take photos of your grandparents expressing their love for one another, dancing and enjoying time with loved ones. Ask your grandparents' minister to attend the banquet to officiate the vow renewal, and ask a caterer to re-create the meal your grandmother and grandfather shared at their first reception 50 years ago for everyone to enjoy.

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