The Coolest Gifts for Expectant Parents

Updated April 17, 2017

Expectant parents, especially first time parents, are excited and a little scared at what the future holds. They know their lives will change, but, as yet, may not know just how much. First-time parents need everything from furnishings to diapers. The coolest gifts are those that take into consideration the needs of the parents and the baby.

Diaper Duty Items

Babies go through diapers and related supplies at an incredible rate. Buy a large plastic container with a colourful, easily removable lid. If possible, match the colour of the container to the colours of the nursery.

Fill the container with at least two sizes of diapers because babies grow quickly. Add powder and rash ointment, wipes, a wash cloth, a changing pad, a small toy to keep the baby occupied and anything else the expectant parents can use while changing diapers. Be sure to add a large bow and a card of congratulations.

Time Out

A cool gift to give while the couple is still expeting is a gift card you create yourself, promising them

an evening out after the birth of their baby. Offer to pay for dinner and a movie, and either pay for a babysitter or do it yourself. Giving the gift card ahead of the birth gives new parents something to look forward to and helps them reconnect with one another after the birth.


Close to the birth of the baby, expectant parents, especially the mother, may find it difficult to do housework. It is hard for her to clean floors, dust and do laundry when she is unable to bend, her fingers and ankles are swollen, and the doctor has prescribed rest. While a father-to-be should certainly do all he can, often he is limited because of his work outside the home. The mother-to-be may still be working also. A cool gift for expectant parents is the gift of a clean house. Along with several of the couple's friends, bring along some cleaning supplies, gloves and a vacuum, then clean the expectant parents' home. They may prefer to have the cleaning done when they're at the hospital having the baby and before they bring their new baby home.


The best gift for expectant parents is your support. Before the birth of their baby, parents often have questions, fears and doubts about their parenting abilities. That's when you can give the gift of a listening ear. If you've already had children, you can ease their fears and answer questions as well as suggest books for them to read. You can also give the expectant parents a journal or album for pictures and for writing down thoughts about their journey.

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