Upgrades for AeroGarden Lighting

Updated February 21, 2017

An AeroGarden is a hydroponics system designed to be placed on a kitchen counter or tabletop. The original system is designed for herbs and smaller plants such as cherry tomatoes. As plants grow larger, An AeroGarden kit may be upgraded so that the kit will continue to nourish the plant. There is only one upgrade for AeroGarden lighting, the AeroGarden Deluxe Upgrade Kit.

AeroGarden Deluxe Upgrade Kit

The deluxe upgrade kit is designed to convert the 7-pod AeroGarden to a deluxe model AeroGarden kit. This kit comes with a stronger lighting system and an arm extender to raise the level of the arm up to 24 inches above the plant roots. With the AeroGarden Deluxe Upgrade Kit, the AeroGarden can grow full-sized vegetable plants.

AeroGarden Lights

Lack of proper lighting is one of the main factors that inhibit indoor plant growth. Vegetable plants need proper lighting to produce. Plants that do not receive proper lighting will be spindly and have weak growth. The AeroGarden upgrade kit lights are stronger than standard AeroGarden lights in order to give larger plants proper light so that they will thrive. The lights are full-spectrum grow lights that plug into the lighting slots in the hood of the AeroGarden unit. The AeroGarden company recommends that the bulbs be changed every six months to maximise output.

AeroGarden Lamp Arm

Plants grown under grow lights should be placed so that the tops of the plant are only a few inches from the light. The original AeroGarden is not suitable for growing full-sized vegetables, because the plants get too large for the unit. The extendable lamp arm lifts the bonnet of the AeroGarden so that the lamps are in the correct position for full-sized herbs, and vegetables such as lettuce.

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