Types of sofa cushions

Updated February 21, 2017

When looking for a sofa, also consider the different types of cushions the sofa may use, as each will affect the look of your sofa as well as how comfortable the sofa will be. Find a sofa that has the type of sofa cushion that is most attractive to you -- as well as meets your level of comfort.

T-Shaped Sofa Cushions

A T-shaped sofa cushion is one that is rectangular with two small segments protruding from one long edge, giving the cushion the look of a "T." A T-shaped cushion is the only bottom cushion a sofa requires, as it will stretch the length of the sofa. The small segments sit in front of the arm rests of the sofa when the cushion is placed in the sofa. They act to hold the sofa cushion more firmly in the sofa. When considering a T-shape sofa cushion, test how easy the cushion will be to replace in the future.

L-Shaped Sofa Cushions

L-shaped sofa cushions are typically square or rectangular cushions with a small rectangular section that sticks out, making it look like the letter "L." There are always two L-shaped cushions for a sofa, and each small segment sits in front of one armrest. Depending on the sofa, there may be a centre rectangular cushion between them to provide the sofa with some length. Like the T-shaped sofa cushion, the L-shaped sofa cushion can be a little difficult to replace, so buy carefully.

Rectangular Sofa Cushions

A rectangular sofa cushion is also known as a box sofa cushion. It is square or rectangular in shape, and it can be used alone or in conjunction with L-shaped sofa cushions. A sofa might use two or three rectangular sofa cushions on their own, or it might use two L-shaped cushions with two or three, or even more, rectangular cushions in between. Rectangular cushions are easily replaced and slipcovers for rectangular cushions are simple to find. They may be used on backrests or on the sofa's seat.

Attached Sofa Cushions

Attached sofa cushions are used on the backrest of the sofa. They may be attached using a single flap of upholstery, which means they can be flipped up and the area underneath cleaned, or they may be attached along all their sides. Attached sofa cushions cannot be flipped to hide stains.

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