The best insoles for standing

Updated July 20, 2017

Repetitive strain injury can be caused by repeating the same activity on a regular basis, in a way that is harmful to the body. Anyone who works in a job that requires constant standing is at a risk of adding unnecessary stress to the lower back, feet, knees and hips. This wear and tear on the body can be prevented by finding and using the best insoles for standing or constant activity.

Ergo Comfort Plus Therapy Platforms

This company offers Anti-Fatigue Footwear Insoles. Created using Ergosert technology, this insole is certified to live up to the same requirements of premium industrial anti-fatigue matting. This insole offers top-of-the-line cushioning for the feet, designed to provide shock absorption. The heel cup is extra deep to create a simulation of the natural body cushion. The heel also aids in better balance and stability. The Anti-Blister Top is designed to provide a cooling effect on the feet and reduce the potential for blistering.

Crocs Silver Insoles

These Orthopedic Medical Shoes Insoles from Crocs are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This product has been ergonomically certified by United States Ergonomics. Designed to absorb shock and limit the stress on the lower back, feet, knees and hips, these insoles have been proven to lessen muscle fatigue by 62.6 per cent, compared to simply standing barefoot. Made from Croslite material, this lightweight product is odour resistant and should provide less stress on the body during activities such as standing, walking or running.

Archcrafters Custom Insoles

Archcrafters provides many options for those searching for the best insoles for standing. The Custom Comfort Active Insoles are custom made to match the form of the foot. This rendering of the arch and instep create a cushioned match to balance the weight of the foot. The synthetic leather offers additional cushion while the reinforced heel provided ankle stability and greater balance. Two millimetres thick, this insole will add optimal comfort and support for any active situation.

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