Novelty Birthday Cakes for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Instead of making an ordinary round birthday cake for your child's birthday party, make a novelty cake that really stands out. Making an unusual cake can make blowing out the birthday candles the highlight of the party, and will make the birthday one that your child will not soon forget.

Barbie Cakes

A child who likes to play with Barbie dolls will enjoy celebrating her birthday party with a Barbie cake. A Barbie cake incorporates a real Barbie doll into the cake, with the skirt of her dress being the cake. You can use any type of Barbie doll. Simply stick the legs of the Barbie doll into the cake, and cover her legs, up to her bodice, with more cake and frosting. Decorate the cake so that the "skirt" matches the Barbie doll's bodice.

Ladybug Cake

A child who is interested in insects and bugs will enjoy having a ladybug cake at his birthday party. You can make a ladybug cake from two round cakes, one smaller than the other. Place the cakes side by side on a cake platter, and frost the larger one with red icing. Frost the smaller one (the head of the ladybug) with brown or black icing, and add the spots onto the larger cake with the same icing. Add on sprinkles for the eyes and other details and use pipe cleaners to make antennae.

Turtle Cake

A turtle cake can be created out of a basic round cake and five individual cupcakes. Simply bake a round cake and five cupcakes. Place the round cake in the centre of a cake platter. Frost it with green icing. Frost the tops of the cupcakes with the same green icing. Place four of the cupcakes onto the sides of the cake for the turtle's legs, and one of them on the front of the turtle for the turtle's head. Add sprinkles for the detailing on the turtle's shell and head. Use a piece of green liquorice for the turtle's tail.

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