Gift Ideas for a Woman's 24th Birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

Birthday girls turning 24 in today's world are active, intelligent, busy and intuitive. They enjoy special gifts for their birthday, but more importantly, they enjoy the purpose behind the present. Women at the age of 24 care for their families, their planet, their communities and their health. They enjoy consideration to these factors when it comes to presents. No matter the gift that you choose, if it comes from the heart, she will enjoy it.


Women in their twenties usually have a social network. Consider purchasing a board game, a game where friends can interact together and act out scenes or answer questions. Purchase online video games where she can play live online with friends who live in other states via gaming systems that she may already own. Giving a gift of a game that she can play with groups of friends is always a hit.

Facial Treatment

Give the gift of a healthy facial at a spa. Most young women turning 24 enjoy pampering themselves, trying out the latest beauty treatments and taking care of their skin. If the expense of a spa treatment is out of the question, give her some homemade natural beauty facial recipes. Purchase a charming basket, and fill it with all of the ingredients necessary for a facial. You can print the recipe out on coloured card stock and fold it before tying it with lace or ribbon or sealing it with a wax seal from a melting some of a candle.


Books make great gifts for 24-year-old women. Good books are little packages of entertainment that fit perfectly into the demands of a busy woman's day. Consider your friend's personality, and purchase a book that your friend would enjoy. Or, get a rare or hard-to-find book on a topic she would find fascinating, such as on the history of the country that her family originates from. Poetry books are always wonderful gifts. Consider Bibles with your friend's name engraved on the front, a book from her favourite author or a book of events from the year she was born.

Bedside Basket

Purchase a local newspaper from her area and a few major newspapers on the day of her birthday. Purchase a few of her favourite magazines from the month of her birthday. Gather the reading materials together and put them in a unique basket, along with a journal, a new pen, water bottles, trail mix, anti-ageing lip gloss and other items your friend would enjoy in a bedside basket. Women that are 24 enjoy keeping up with events in the world around her. Many 24-year-olds would enjoy a bedside basket filled with goodies available for her, as she lays in bed reading, watching a movie, waiting for toenails to dry or simply relaxing.

Meal Plan

Give the "going out to lunch or dinner" birthday gift a new twist. Today, 24-year-olds are busy and often don't have time to cook. Many 24-year-olds are weight conscious, but on birthdays, diets are off. Organise healthy meals for your friend for the entire day of her birthday. You choose one meal that you will provide for your friend, either by taking her out to eat, making yourself for her or ordering something delivered to her. Organise (by surprise) two other friends to provide the other two meals. This is a great way to go in with two other friends, and the birthday girl won't have to lift a finger to prepare or pay for her own meals all day. Don't forget the birthday cake and candles.

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