Free Gothic Birthday Party Invitations & Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A gothic-themed party means lots of black, as well as a few skull-inspired decorations. If you're in charge of organising a gothic birthday celebration for a friend or loved one, it's important to find some invitation and decor ideas that will make the festivities -- and the pictures -- especially memorable.


For gothic birthday party invitations, use what you already have if you're a crafter. For instance, cut black construction paper to size and decorate with spider webs drawn in white ink. Use a silver or red calligraphy pen to write out the invitation details. Or print templates for the gothic birthday party from online sources. Images of bats or vampires can be featured on the invitation, or you can create an invite that tells a spooky "tale" that includes important information about the party, including the time, date and address of the celebration.


For free ideas on gothic party decorations, search online for printable templates and examples. If you're having a party for a teenager or adult, you can use decor that you already have, such as a mirror with a Victorian-style border that can be covered with white thread or string to resemble a spider web. Victorian candle holders can serve as table centrepieces. A distressed black tablecloth can make the gothic decorations come together, as can plastic skulls or table confetti in the shape of Victorian crosses.

Party Food

For gothic party food, make finger sandwiches in the shape of skulls or bats. Food that is red or black will also be a hit. Consider potato or chicken salad to which you've added red colouring. Cookies decorated with black icing are also appropriate for a gothic birthday party, and you may even want to decorate the birthday cake with black fondant and add an image such like a skull and crossbones. Guests will be talking about your food long after the celebration is over.

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