Birthday gift for a 70+ man

Updated February 21, 2017

After a man reaches the age of 70, birthdays become a time to reminisce on his past. Often, a man of this age has accumulated all the items he could possibly need. The ideal gifts for men in this age range included nostalgic gifts to help him remember his best moments. Practical gifts are best for the man who has everything. Of course, sometimes all a man of this age really needs is your time.

Nostalgic Gifts

The 70+ man in your life is sure to appreciate a nostalgic gift. You can purchase several gifts that commemorate the decade he was born. There are CDs with the hit songs from that decade, DVDs that highlight the events in popular culture and world history and even board games that are based on the decade. You can find board games, jigsaw puzzles and yearbooks from his birth decade as well. The Internet makes it easier than ever to find the long-lost nostalgic candies of his youth. If you want to give him something more personal, compile your own CD of songs you know he likes. With a little research, you could assemble a photo album of pictures he's never seen before. Computer technology makes slideshows easy to create, so you could have a slideshow at his birthday party and then burn copies to DVD.

Practical Gifts

When a man has lived for 70 or more years, it's safe to say that he has accumulated a lot of material goods in his life. For this reason, practical gifts or gifts with function may be the best gift idea. If his eyesight is failing him, get him his favourite books in large-print, a magnifying glass or an electronic reading device that allows him to zoom in on the words. Men who have trouble with mobility might appreciate a well-made cane to assist his walking. Clothing and blankets will surely be put to use. You can give him gift tokens to his favourite restaurants or stores. He's sure to appreciate a subscription to his favourite magazine or the local newspaper. Check around his house before his birthday to see if he might need a new appliance like a toaster or coffee pot. While these types of gifts might not be especially fun, you can be satisfied in knowing that he will actually use them.


Many men in their 70s don't have the space or need for any material gifts because they simply have everything they need. Sometimes all he really wants is your time. You can take time one weekend to visit his home and help him fix the things around the house that he simply can't fix. This might include oiling squeaking doors, winterising his windows before cold weather or mowing the lawn. You could also take him on a mini vacation to his favourite destination from his younger years. If he is a golfer, purchase a round of golf at the local country club and spend the afternoon on the course. Set aside an afternoon during the week to chat with the man and listen to his stories and thoughts about life. This is an experience he is sure to remember and appreciate for some time, and you will likely be rewarded in the same way.

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