Audi Q7 Brake Problems

Written by justan brandt | 13/05/2017
Audi Q7 Brake Problems
The Audi Q7 is known to have minimal brake problems. (brake image by Jan Will from

Audi was late to the full-size SUV market, introducing the seven-passenger Q7 in 2007. But being late doesn't mean it was a last-minute thought. The Audi Q7 is well built and is listed as having minimal brake problems by MSN Autos. However, the brakes are wear-and-tear components that can fall prey to common problems.

Low Brake Fluid

Low brake fluid in an Audi Q7 could be the result of a leak or worn brake pads. A leak in the lines, hoses, calipers or master cylinder could cause a complete failure of the braking system if it goes without repair. If the fluid is low, and the Q7 does not have a leak, it can be topped off with additional fluid.


Squealing brakes in an Audi Q7 can happen from multiple problems. It could result from recently replaced brake pads. Semi-metallic brake pads create more noise than ceramic brake pads. A vibration between the brake pads and caliper or pads and rotors also may cause squealing.

Soft Brakes

If the brake pedal does not feel as firm as it in the past, the problem may stem from an air bubble in the Audi Q7's braking system. Air bubbles occur during improper bleeding of the brakes or extremely low (or loss of) brake fluid. Pumping of the brake pedal can help, but the problem will need to be addressed by a mechanic.

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