Free grants for dental care

Written by laurie rappeport | 13/05/2017
Free grants for dental care
Organizations make access to free dental care possible for those in need by providing grants. (dentist image by Sandor Kacso from

When economic times become difficult, some people may neglect their health because they don't have the time or money to care for themselves properly. Recognising the importance of continued access to good dental care, a number of private and public organisations have begun to award grants that will provide free dentistry to individuals who need this care.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield awards grants to community clinics, including dental clinics, which allow them to provide free or low-cost care to patients, and to increase and enhance their services. Individuals who wish to take advantage of this program should contact their state's Blue Cross Blue Shield main office for more information (see Resources).

Delta Dental of Oklahoma

Delta Dental of Oklahoma has compiled a resource guide (see Resources) for Oklahoma residents who cannot afford dental care to find grants that will allow them to access free and low-cost dental care. Oklahoma residents can review the guide to obtain information about free clinics, clinic events and access to diagnostic, routine and emergency dental care.

Care in Cleveland

An American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Federal grant will allow Cleveland children and adults to receive free and low-cost dental care at Cleveland's MetroHealth Medical System.

The MetroHealth System

2500 MetroHealth Drive

Cleveland, OH 44109


Grant for Veterans

Veterans can take advantage of a grant for free dental care through the Veterans Health Administration 63.011 veterans dental care program. Veterans who meet the program's criteria can receive dental care that extends from basic to more involved dental care. To apply, contact the nearest VA health care facility or veteran's service organisation.

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