Couples Night Out Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If you want to spend time with your significant other and your friends, plan a couples' night out. You don't necessarily have to go nightclubbing. Find a common interest or try something new together, and create some lasting memories.

Skating Night

Invite all the couples you know for a couples' skating party. If it's wintertime, visit the local ice-skating rink (indoor or outdoor). Finish the skate session with a stop at a nearby coffee shop for some hot cocoa or tea. In the summertime, fo to a roller rink, and grab some ice cream afterward.

Dive Bar Night

Meet up at the local dive bar for a few beers and a game of darts or pool. Either play with couples as teams, or mix couples to play men against women. Organise a minitournament in which the winners get a free beer. If your town has a local micro brew, sample some of the local favourites with friends.

Movie Night Out

Instead of staying in for movie night, do a themed "movie night out" with friends. Go see a movie together, then discuss it over dinner afterward. If you can, have dinner at a place that goes along with the movie's theme. Check to see if any local theatres have cult movie nights, singalong nights or other special screening night.

Live Band Night

Go see a band or musician. Many restaurants and lounges offer live entertainment on specific nights. Decide on a place based on the environment you and the other couples enjoy. You might try several places before you find something everyone likes.

Karaoke Night

Karaoke is a classic pastime for groups of friends. Go to a local karaoke night, or take turns hosting in your homes. You'll need some karaoke CDs or mp3s to do karaoke at home. Find out if your local karaoke bar has contests and whether couples can enter together.

Drink and Food Education

If you love food and drink, get together and have an at-home wine tasting class. Pick up a book that guides you through different wines. Focus on two or three wines each week. Taste and discuss. If a local restaurant offers cooking classes, invite other couples to take it with you, have a chef come to someone's home and prepare a meal or have each couple take a turn teaching a recipe to the others.

Scavenger Hunt

To enjoy a good treasure hunt, take turns with your friends planning weekly scavenger hunts. Vary the locales and themes each week. You can also have each couple create a scavenger hunt with trivia clues about themselves as a couple so you can learn more about your friends while having fun. End each treasure hunt at a restaurant or one of the couples' homes where everyone can feast and drink.

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