Kodak Printer ESP 7 Issues

Updated April 17, 2017

The Kodak ESP 7 All-In-One printer features a two-cartridge system with six inks, an advanced automatic paper tray system, a 3-inch colour LCD display unit and a USB slot for standalone performance without a computer, according to Kodak's website. The Kodak ESP 7 also features wireless printing, copying and scanning using Wi-Fi technology. There are ways to fix several common issues that might occur while using the Kodak ESP 7 printer, according to the Kodak ESP 7 user's guide.

Device Not Recognized

If your Kodak ESP 7 printer has failed to read your digital camera, USB flash drive or memory card, there are several possible causes to consider. The Device Not Recognized error message might occur if you have attempted to connect two external devices at the same time. This error might also be because of a loose connection or an incompatible, corrupted or damaged external storage device or cable, according to the Kodak ESP 7 user's guide. To fix this issue, verify that your external device is fully connected to the computer and that your external device and connection cable are recognised by your computer. If your USB drive or memory card's file system is corrupted or damaged, you might also attempt to reformat the device to fix this problem, according to the Kodak ESP 7 user's guide.

Ink Cartridge Not Recognized

The Kodak ESP 7 printer might not recognise your ink cartridge if the cartridge is not a Kodak brand ink cartridge or if the ink cartridge is empty, according to the Kodak ESP 7 user's guide. Replace the ink cartridge with a full Kodak brand ink cartridge to fix this problem.

Printing Issues

If the Kodak ESP 7 printer has printed envelopes incorrectly or with poor alignment, the envelopes might have been loaded incorrectly, according to the Kodak ESP 7 user's guide. Remove the envelopes from the printer's paper tray and stack the envelopes in a neat pile against a flat surface. Place the envelopes into the printer's paper tray with the opening of the envelope visible, aligned to the far-left side of the paper tray. Position the paper guide so that it touches the side of the envelopes and attempt to reprint the envelopes.

Uncertain Configuration

If your Kodak ESP 7 All-In-One printer's settings have been modified, resulting in one or more of the printer's functions working incorrectly, you might need to reset the printer to its default configuration, according to the Kodak ESP 7 user's guide. Disconnect all external devices from the printer, including storage units and digital cameras before resetting the printer. From the printer's Control Panel, press the "Menu" button and use the navigational buttons to select "Printer Settings" and press "OK." Select "Reset All Settings" and press "OK" to revert the printer to its default settings.

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