Tools That Make Painting Easy

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether it's the exterior of your house or a tiny guest bathroom, painting any area of your home is quite a chore. Fortunately, hardware stores and paint supply companies are always coming up with gadgets to help make your paint job easier. Add these to your existing stash of rollers, paintbrushes and stepladders, and you'll be well equipped to tackle almost any paint job.

Edge Painters

Angled edge painters make painting corners a breeze. These devices are made up of a two-sided paint pad with a right angle that allows you to paint corners with one stroke. Edge painters may be handheld or attached to the end of a longer pole for hard-to-reach places. Black and Decker's Quick Painter Edge Painter is one example of this type of painting tool. This particular design has a syringe-type attachment on the back that is used to supply fresh paint to the paint pads for quicker application.

Roller Grids

More and more painters are eliminating messy paint pans by using roller grids that allow you to roll paint straight from the can. These grids hang on the edge of the paint bucket and provide a place to roll off the excess paint from the roller. While one-gallon paint buckets are only large enough to accommodate small paint rollers, five-gallon buckets work well for full-size rollers. More elaborate versions of this invention, like the Wonder Bucket, come with the grid built into the bucket.

Door Hinge Covers

Door hinge covers are a surprisingly simple invention that saves you the work of unscrewing hinges any time you paint the trim around a door. These custom-cut stickers are designed to fit accurately over the metal parts of door hinges, allowing you to brush right over them without having to tape them off. Once the paint is dry, simply peel off the hinge covers to reveal the unpainted hinges.

Extension Poles

Telescoping extension rollers are available to make painting high walls and ceilings easier. These rollers have long handles that can double or triple in length, allowing nearly anyone to reach tough spots more easily. Long roller poles are also sold in the nontelescoping version, which work similarly. Many of these roller poles can be angled to create minimum strain when painting ceilings. Many retailers sell attachments for extension poles that can hold a paintbrush as well. With these two products, you can finish a room without even getting out the ladder.

Paint Scrapers

For those tough, peeling paint jobs, nothing quite replaces a heavy-duty paint scraper, which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including scrapers with small, triangular heads for tight corners. For the finest in paint scraper blades, try Warner's 100X Carbide scrapers.

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