The Best Ways to Glue Dentures

There are three main types of denture adhesive or glue: paste, strips and powder. There is little difference between the bonds that each of these adhesives have, but personal preference plays a large part in what style of adhesive people prefer. Never use regular household glue to glue dentures. Household glue can hold toxins, and it will not be able to bond in the moisture of the mouth. Most denture adhesives are designed to hold for 12 hours, and most will loosen after this time period. Each type of adhesive is applied using a different method.


Denture paste is one of the most commonly used forms of dental adhesive. Paste is popular because it is inexpensive, easy to use, and bonds quickly. Paste adhesives are sometimes called cream adhesives. Generally, paste adhesives are sold in a tube like toothpaste. The best way to apply denture paste is to start with dry dentures and a freshly rinsed mouth. Use only enough paste to apply a bond, rather than coating the entire top surface with paste, which will cause uncomfortable oozing. Squeeze three small lines of paste on top dentures and two small lines on either side of lower and partial dentures. Place the dentures in your mouth and bite down. Within 10 seconds, the dentures should be secure.


Dental strip adhesive is a type of adhesive on strips. The strips are a clean option that offer no guesswork on the amount to use for bonding. Apply strip adhesive by starting with clean and dry dentures. Rinse out your mouth for best results. Open the strips with dry hands. Moisten the adhesive strip. Use three strips placed along each edge of top dentures in a triangle shape. Do not overlap the edges of the strips. Cut the strips to the right size if necessary. Use two strips on either side of lower and partial dentures. Place the dentures in your mouth, press into place and bite down for 10 seconds.


Denture powder is a type of adhesive that is in granular form. Clean the dentures, but leave them wet. Sprinkle powder over the surface of the entire denture for both top, bottom, and partial dentures. Place the dentures in your mouth, press into place, and bite down for 10 seconds. Powdered adhesive offers a somewhat more precise bond than paste or strips, but choosing powdered adhesive over paste or strips is usually a matter of personal preference rather than a difference in bonding style.

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