Products to neutralize dog urine on grass

Updated February 21, 2017

Dog urine burns grass, turning it yellow because of the high level of nitrogen present in the urine. You can purchase products to put on your lawn to help neutralise the nitrogen, preventing these yellow spots from occurring. For products to be most effective, use them as soon as your dog urinates so the nitrogen does not have time to cause severe damage. Altering your dog's diet will also help keep nitrogen levels low.

Brown Sugar

Sprinkle brown sugar over the urinated areas, and then water the area. The brown sugar will attract earthworms, and the burrowing earthworms will aerate the soil, causing drainage and allowing the urine to penetrate into the soil, rather than sit on the grass, which causes lawn burn.


Spread a layer of gypsum over the areas where the dog frequently urinates. The gypsum doesn't prevent damage but it does help to neutralise the area, lessening the damage.

Agricultural Lime

Scatter agricultural lime over the affected areas, and water the lawn to neutralise the dog urine on the grass. The lime also helps to wash the urine through the topsoil by improving water penetration.


Rinse the area with water to wash away the urine. Using a small amount of water only pushes the urine around the lawn, creating a yellow ring, so use a copious amount of water immediately after the dog urinates.

Hight Quality Dog Food

Choose healthy dog food, one that does not include an exuberant amount of protein to help prevent a high level of nitrogen from forming. Keep plenty of water available for your dog to drink. The water dilutes the amount of nitrogen in the dog's urine.

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