List of baby things needed

Babies need certain items to keep them safe and provide them with necessary tools to do simple things like eating and drinking. Parents want the best for their babies, and these items make taking care of the baby easier.


Babies need diapers changed often to avoid rash and irritation. Therefore, diapers, wipes and rash cream are a constant in households with babies. Baby shampoo and wash cleanse the baby's skin and hair at bath time. Tiny nail clippers keep a baby's fingernails short to prevent them from scratching the face and body.

Feeding and Teething

Baby bottles are needed if the baby is not breast-feeding. Some women prefer to use a breast pump, pumping the milk and feeding it to the baby with a bottle. Babies need many bottles and sippy cups, as they can get lost, broken or dirty, and it is important that the baby always has a clean bottle or cup to drink from. If the baby is eating baby food, then baby spoons, forks and bowl are needed because adult silverware is too large for a baby's mouth. A baby that is teething may try to bite on anything and everything she can find, so teething rings and other teething items are necessary to give the baby something safe to chew on.

Baby Gear

Babies need certain things to keep them safe, such as a car seat when riding in the car. Essential baby gear includes car seats, strollers, play pens and cribs. Babies tend to get heavy when held, so strollers give the parents a break while providing the baby with a safe place to sit. Baby cribs provide the baby safe sleeping quarters and play pens are a safe place for the baby to play and learn to sit and crawl, without the threat of sharp furniture to bump into.

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