Prom favor ideas on a budget

Updated March 23, 2017

Senior prom is one of the most important nights of some students' lives up to that point. If you are organising a prom for your school, it is extremely important to create a memorable night. Adding to that remembrance will be the prom favours passed out. Many prom favours are inexpensive if bought in bulk, and the cost may be reduced even further by creating your own.


Picture frames are some of the most popular prom favours, giving students an opportunity to keep their pictures in a commemorative keepsake. Ask the photographer to print the prom date on the picture itself, and save money by getting a simple frame with no personalisation whatsoever.


Candles are useful and many students will hold onto them for years to come. Most prom candle favours come with a complimentary decal design that you can personalise to your school and prom date. Many wax and gel candles are available for less than £1.30 each, including tin travel candles and Create-a-Favor candles with stickers.

Key Tags

Key tags are a great way to combine the portability of a key ring with the pictures from that special night. Key tags can be found in many varieties and materials. These include acrylic, glittered, metal, plastic, dog tags, and as mint tins. Many of the key tags are less than £1.30 each online. Key tags are extremely practical as well, as many students going off to college will need a key tag for their dorm or car keys.


If you are providing several different favours for each prom guest, a customised prom favour box is an inexpensive way to provide an additional favour. There are favour boxes, with customised logos on the outside, that resemble Chinese food boxes for less than 60p each. Other inexpensive boxes are personalised mint boxes, pop-up favour boxes, and various favour totes. Stuff with tissue paper or other decorations if the boxes aren't being used for additional favours.


A do-it-yourself prom favour can help you to minimise costs. Creating any of the above listed items would probably cost more than buying the items in bulk from a speciality store, but there are other options. Create a video from the prom and put it onto a DVD for all people involved. It would take time to edit, but it would cost less than 60p per DVD to copy. Blow up a photo collage of pictures from the prom to poster-size or simply photos onto a CD for the prom participants.

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