Space saving ideas in a small bedroom

Updated November 21, 2016

Creating a comfortable living space in a small bedroom may seem like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. You can create a stylish yet spacious living area with the right furniture and organizational tools. Only fill your bedroom with essential furniture, such as your bed and dressers. Keep your desk, file cabinet and other non-bedroom furniture in other locations like the office.

Utilise Closet Space

Keep your bedroom clutter free by utilise all necessary closet space. Hang clothing up and place a dresser in the closet if there is room. This will free up more space in your bedroom. Install shelves and store all items that you don't use often on the top shelves.

The size of your closet will determine how much you can do with it. Get the most from your space by making shelves that reach all the way to ceiling. You may need to stand on a chair to get items on occasion, but you will have more space in your room because of this.


Use plastic containers to store additional clothing and other items that will not fit in other rooms. Slide these containers under the bed to fill up this space. The room under the is often never used. If you are worried about this changing the decor style of your room, invest in a bed skirt so you are not able to see that there are boxes under your bed. If the room is only for yourself, sleep on a full or queen bed rather than a king size bed. However, if you want even more space, then sleep on a twin size bed.

If you share a room with a spouse or partner, ask your spouse if a full or queen bed is large enough for the two of you. This may work well depending on how much room you both need when you sleep.

If you must have a king size bed, use all the space under the bed to store your items. Some beds also come with drawers that pull out and slide underneath the bed. This is an excellent place to put clothing if you must have a large bed and are unable to fit a dresser in the room. Push the bed completely up against the wall.

Ceiling and Walls

The space on the ceiling often goes unused. Rather than having two night stands on both sides of your bed with lamps on top, attach a switch operated light on your ceiling. If the room is small there is not need to have additional lamps in the room because they just take up space. Use wall space to install shelves for books and other decor accents. Install a wood pegged coat hanger to hang up clothing or jackets. This will help to keep the floor area clear.

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