Types of Kitchen Taps

Written by mason howard | 13/05/2017
Types of Kitchen Taps
Monoblock Single Handle (copper faucet image by terex from Fotolia.com)

With a seemingly endless variety of designs available, finding a kitchen tap that is appropriate to your home's design and decor is simple. Despite the multitude of stylistic options, there are several basic types with particular components. The type of tap that you choose for your kitchen sink depends on your aesthetic needs as well as the specifications of your sink.

Monoblock Single Handle

Types of Kitchen Taps
Monoblock Single Handle (copper faucet image by terex from Fotolia.com)

Monoblock single handle taps extend from a single opening in the sink and have one handle that adjusts for hot and cold water. These taps are well-suited for a simple, modest sink design.

Monoblock Dual Handle

Types of Kitchen Taps
Monoblock Double Handle (ROBINET image by Alain SORIANO from Fotolia.com)

Monoblock double handle taps also come out of a single opening in the sink, but have two separate handles for hot and cold water. The handles typically branch out from the lower section of the spout, near its base.

Deck Dual Handle

Types of Kitchen Taps
Deck dual handle sink. (modern faucet and sink detail with running water image by nextrecord from Fotolia.com)

A deck dual handle has separate stems for hot and cold water. The stems are concealed within a cover plate, which sits flush against the surface of the sink ledge. The two handles are on opposite ends of the cover plate and the spout protrudes from the centre.

Pillar Dual Handle

The pillar dual handle is like the deck dual handle, but without the cover plate that sits flush against the sink ledge. Instead, the faucet is raised with the hot and cold faucet stems serving as legs. The upright design of this tap gives it a regal, stately appearance.


Types of Kitchen Taps
Sink with sprayer attachment. (kitchen sink image by jedphoto from Fotolia.com)

A separate sprayer attached to an extractable hose coming out of its own opening in the sink provides added convenience for washing and rinsing dishes. Tap designs with sprayers can have either two handles or one handle for hot and cold.

Spout Sprayer

A spout sprayer has a convenient, extractable sprayer as well, but in this case the sprayer is part of the central faucet spout and not a separate device. The sprayer can stay in place for use as a traditional spout or can be pulled out for use as a sprayer. These taps are intended for single stem sink designs.

Wall Mount

Types of Kitchen Taps
Wall mounted fixture. (just a sink image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.com)

Wall mounted sinks come in single or dual handle versions. Attached to the wall above the sink, these taps allow for a clean, unadorned sink rim.

Pot Filler

A pot filler tap is secondary to your sink tap. It is installed just over your stove top, has a long, swivelling spout and is used exclusively for filling pots with water.

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