Easy Egyptian Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

An Egyptian costume can give you a unique look for a Halloween party or school recital when you by combine some of the attire and accessories worn by ancient Egyptians. Figures like Cleopatra and King Tut were known for dramatic crowns, make-up, robes and jewellery, and you can make some of these items by hand using the rich jewel tones and gold accents that are characteristic of the ancient Egyptian era.

Egyptian Tunic

An Egyptian tunic, similar in style to the Roman toga, is easy to make. Drape a white sheet over each shoulder and cinch at the waist to make a basic tunic, and dress it up with sashes in colours like royal blue and red. White is the traditional colour choice, although those in the hierarchy of ancient Egyptian society wore gold or blue tunics.

Breast Plate

Many ancient Egyptians showed their wealth by wearing breast plates adorned with precious metals and stones. Cut a wide piece of yellow felt into a moon shape that can be draped across your upper chest. Decorate the felt with plastic jewels or colourful pieces of fabric cut in the shape of jewels, Attach the breast plate to your tunic with fabric glue.

Cleopatra Wig

Cleopatra was one of Egypt's most famous rulers, and she was known for her thick black wigs. You can make your own with a basic skull cap, found at most beauty supply stores, adorned with long strings of black yarn. Attach the yarn so the wig is thick, and then decorate the wig with gold pieces, feathers and beads.


No high class Egyptian would be seen without heavy jewellery, so make some pieces to augment your costume. Add a large circle of gold paper or cloth to regular earrings to make medallion earrings decorated with scarlet or purple paints. Use thick straps of gold craft paper to make three or four wrist bands and tape them in a loop around your wrists for some chunky bracelets.


Both men and women wore heavy make-up in ancient Egypt, and the style was characterised by dramatic eye make-up. Coat your lids in blue eyeshadow and then draw a line of black eyeliner around your entire eye, bringing the line to a sharp point at the outer corner to make an almond shape.

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