The Types of Chimney Pots

Updated February 21, 2017

Chimney pots date back to the 13th century. They are placed on the top of a chimney to extend the length of it and also to improve the chimney's draft. There are different types of chimney pots to choose from. Although it may seem as if all of them are the same, each has its own use.

Conventional Chimney Pot

The conventional chimney pot can be used for all types of fireplaces and stoves. The conventional chimney pot has a stack that rises above the roof line. It is typically built out of bricks. This type of chimney pot relies on the natural circulation of heated air to get rid of the smoke from the chimney.

Prefabricated Flue

Prefabricated flues are mostly used for gas stoves. They are made with a steel box and a metal flue pipe, which is built into a false chimney breast. This releases the emissions from the fire through the roof.

Precast Flue

A series of hollow breeze blocks are included in a precast flue. There is a slight difference in this type of chimney pot because of its shallow depth for fires. These types can be recognised by a ridge vent or a metal flue terminal.

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