Hairstyles for Thin Hair in an Older Woman

Updated April 17, 2017

Society has many stereotypes for how older women should dress and wear their hair. But today, more and more women are breaking the stereotypes and showing that they can age in style. Getting older doesn't mean losing your vitality and grace. So, choose a hairstyle that fits who you really are, rather than who society might expect you to become. Many hairstyles that look good on younger women will also flatter you, so focus on choosing one that pumps up the volume of thin hair.

Short and Spiky

This trendy style works for people with a bold or creative personality---people who don't mind standing out in a crowd. It works for silver, white or coloured hair, and thinner as well as thicker hair. As Latest Hairstyles says, a spiky, slightly messy style makes hair look thicker. You can have it cut very short on the sides and longer on top, or longer all around. When you don't feel like spiking it, you can part it on the side and style it flat for an elegant look. If your hair has turned grey, consider frosting it with lighter highlights to create a silvery look and the appearance of more volume. A styling putty will help you work your hair into a spiky look that adds volume.

Textured Bob

A short, textured bob can increase the volume of your hair. Have your stylist create razored layers, which add lots of texture. Instead of just two or three layers, you'll have continual layering from the top layer to the bottom, which can make your hair appear much thicker, as the HairStyler says. You can flip this style outward for a trendy look, style the ends under for a classic bob, or scrunch your hair to add a little wave. See Hair Style Secrets Revealed for some styling ideas.

Permed Hair

If you have straight hair but yearn for curls or waves, have your hair permed. This will greatly boost your hair's volume. With a perm, you can create neat curls or tossled waves; choose one that suits you best, and talk with your stylist about how to create the look. Have your hair shaped to frame your face. Highlights will also give your hair definition, helping your curls or waves to stand out.

Long Bangs

Bangs that lightly sweep across the forehead can also create the appearance of fuller hair, says Latest Hairstyles, showing a picture of this style. You might feel that fringe are for kids, but they can look sophisticated too. Have your hair stylist create fringe that you can sweep across your face toward one ear for a stylish look that draws attention to your eyes.

Short Tapered Cut

Hair Finder shows a short, tapered cut that flatters many older women, adding volume around the sides and top of the hair. The tapered style adds body, while the short length minimises appearance of thinness, and the side part adds definition and sophistication.

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