The Top 10 Gifts for Women

Written by diani gatenby davies
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The Top 10 Gifts for Women
Flowers and cosmetics are a pleasant surprise. (Lipstick gift set image by csourav from

Buying a gift for a loved one is always a challenge. What one woman loves, another might hate. The most important thing to remember is that it's not about being materialistic -- the price is irrelevant. It's the thought that counts. That doesn't mean to say you should purposefully buy something cheap. Just pick something you know she will like, rather than something she should like because it's expensive.


A survey conducted by found that 27 per cent of women chose travel as their number one gift to receive. Not only is it something that she will love, but it is something that the two of you can enjoy together. It shows that you want to spend time with her and share the gift. If you take a camera along, you can capture memories of your holiday and then bring the photos back to show to your friends and family.


Surprisingly, jewellery is not one of the options on the first page of when searching through the top picks for women. Jewellery can be materialistic, but it depends on what type of jewellery you get her. A ring can suggest proposal, so it's best to stay away from those unless you are proposing. If you are already married or engaged, you'll want to try something new. Earrings and necklaces are the safest choice. Just make sure you don't get something too flashy. The simplest things are still beautiful.

The Top 10 Gifts for Women
Jewellery can be the ideal gift if you don't go over the top. (Jewellery image by Sergey Yakovenko from

Something for her hobby

If you buy her a gift that compliments her interests and hobbies, she'll know that you've been listening. If she enjoys cooking, buy her a recipe book. If she enjoys tennis, buy her an accessory that will fit. If she enjoys reading, perhaps there's a novel she has mentioned recently.


Every woman loves beauty products. Customise the gift yourself by placing the cosmetics in a basket and tying a ribbon around the handle. Before buying anything, make sure you know what kind of cosmetics she likes. There's no point in getting her lipstick when she doesn't wear anything on her lips.

Make her dinner

You don't have to be a five star chef to be able to cook her a nice dinner. The fact that you tried will be enough to make her smile. If the food isn't perfect, you can make up for that in the atmosphere. Whether you decide to set the table or set up a romantic dinner in the garden beneath the stars is entirely up to you.

The Top 10 Gifts for Women
Even if you aren't an amazing chef, the atmosphere you create is what will make her feel special. (dinner on the beach image by eyecatcher from


Turning up on her doorstep with a bouquet of flowers is one of the most romantic things you can do. They're not too expensive, and she can place them in a vase to see whenever she passes through the room.

Spa treatment

The survey conducted by also revealed that 51 per cent of women said that household responsibilities were "major obstacles to having fun." Treat her to a day at the spa and take a day to do the housework for her. She will appreciate you more than ever.


Perfume is always a tricky gift to buy for women. Cheap perfume is often seen as one of the worst gifts for women. Sonia Gleeson, who writes in the Life and Style section on listed "Cheap Perfume" as No. 10 in her article on "The 10 Worst Presents Ever." "Cheap" is the key word here. You really need to know her well to buy her perfume. If you know exactly which brand she likes, then it should be easy. lists popular fragrances on the home page that aren't too cheap, nor ridiculously expensive.

The Top 10 Gifts for Women
Alongside a loving card, perfume could be the ideal gift. (perfume image by blacklight from

A photograph

Not just any photograph -- a photograph of the two of you. Your favourite time spent together. The first photograph you ever took together. The funniest photograph of the two of you -- whichever holds a special place in both your heart and hers. Enhance the gift by adding a beautiful frame to compliment the photograph.

Handmade gifts

<p> lists 31 crafty ideas for women that you can easily create yourself. They may be for Christmas, but they still provide inspiration. Handmade candles are not only clever and creative, but you can also surprise her by placing them around the room while she's out. You can also try pressing a flower and placing it in a glass frame with a visible note beside it. Handmade gifts may not be expensive, but the fact that you made it yourself will make it special.

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