Handwriting Games for Kids

Written by tasha swearingen
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Handwriting Games for Kids
Use games to help kids practice good handwriting. (penna image by fotografiche.eu from Fotolia.com)

Sloppy handwriting is something that, if not corrected, children may carry on into adulthood. Kids spend a lot of their school day improving the muscles and fine motor skills necessary for good handwriting, according to Tracy Artemis Bradfield, a PhD student at the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy. This in turn helps them complete the schoolwork that relies on neat handwriting. Whether they're learning cursive or manuscript, kids may enjoy games to practice penmanship.

Handwriting Analysis

Graphology, also known as handwriting analysis, is said to indicate the type of personality you have. It's also used in forensic science when trying to solve crimes. With this game idea, you and your child can have fun playing "forensic scientist" as you try to guess which hand you each use to write sentences. Choose a sentence your child can write, then have him write the sentence once with his right hand and once with his left. Tell your child to do his very best writing both times, and you'll make a guess. You can also play this game in a group. Have the kids write a sentence (using their stronger writing hand), then have one "forensic scientist" try to match up the sentences with the players.

Why? Because

This interactive handwriting game idea from Today's Parent might have your kids giggling so much they won't even realise they're practicing their handwriting. Each player will write a question in his or her very best handwriting that starts with "Why?" at the top of a piece of paper. For instance, they may write something like "Why is the sky blue?" When they finish, the player will fold the paper so that the question is hidden, write his name on the outside and pass the paper to the person on his left side. That person will take care to neatly write an answer that starts with "Because" (such as "Because monkeys are furry animals") without looking at the question. When all of the questions have answers, make sure the papers get back to the original owners and everyone can share the questions and answers.

Silly Acronyms

This game idea may get your kids thinking creatively while practicing handwriting. To prepare, you'll need to cut fifty, 3- by 5-inch index cards in half so that you have 100 cards total (you could use fewer if you want). On each card, write a word such as "silly" or "funny." For older kids, you could use longer words like "mystery" or "historical." Put the cards in a stack and place them on a table face down, then have players draw one card from the top. Each player will look at the word on his card and come up with a funny phrase, using the letters in the given word as an acronym. For example, for the word "silly" kids might write, "some infants lick long yarn." They'll use their very best handwriting to write the acronym on paper, then players can all vote on which one they liked best.

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