The Best Indoor Tomato Varieties

Updated February 21, 2017

Most vegetable gardens contain one or more types of tomato plants. While tomatoes are perfect for summer gardens, having home-grown tomatoes all year long is possible with indoor gardening. Growing tomato plants indoors is perfect for people who live in apartment, condominium or where outdoor space is limited or non-existent. Tomatoes grown indoors require the same care as outdoor tomatoes, such as full sunlight, regular watering and good quality soil. Certain varieties of tomato plants are better suited for indoor gardening than other tomato plants.

Small Fry Tomatoes

Small Fry tomatoes are red, cherry-sized tomatoes around 1 inch in diameter, perfect for salads and snacking. The small fry tomato plants are determinate. Determinate tomato plants are more compact, only growing to a certain size--perfect for indoor containers. Small Fry tomato plants bear their tiny fruit in stem clusters, with seven to eight tomatoes per bunch. An aspect of the small fry tomato attractive to indoor gardeners is its ability to bear tomatoes continuously, unlike most determinate plants. Plant one small fry tomato plant into one 6-inch pot filled with tomato potting mix.

Micro-Tina Tomatoes

Micro-Tina tomato plants were developed and cultivated at the University of Florida. This dwarf tomato plant only grows to around eight to 12 inches in height. The tiny cherry-sized fruit of the Micro-Tina plant has a slightly sweet flavour, great for snacking and salads. Plant one Micro-Tina tomato plant per 6-inch pot filled with tomato potting mix.

Window Box Roma Tomatoes

Window Box Roma tomato plants bears clusters of red tomatoes 56.7 to 85.1gr. in weight. The tomatoes of the Window Box variety are slightly larger than the previously listed tomatoes, suitable for small sandwich slices and sauces. Window Box tomato plants are determinate, requiring no staking or support. Plant the Window Box tomato plant one per 12-inch container, filled with tomato potting soil.

Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Tiny Tim tomato plants bear small cherry-sized tomatoes, less than 1 inch in diameter. Tiny Tim tomato plants are suitable for smaller, 6-inch containers since they only grow up to 18 inches in height. Fill each 6-inch container with tomato potting soil.

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