Ariel Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A birthday party inspired by the Disney movie "The Little Mermaid" should have a cake featuring princess Ariel. Although some bakeries may be able to make professional Ariel cakes, many girls will be just as pleased with a less expensive homemade Ariel birthday cake. There are a few different ways that you can make a cake for an Ariel party.

Ariel-Shaped Cake

Some speciality retailers sell cake pans shaped like Princess Ariel. Bake any type of cake in this pan and turn it out onto a cake platter. Decorate the shaped cake by filling in the areas with coloured icing or decorating gel, including red for her hair, blue for her eyes and lavender for her seashell top.

Ariel Image Cake

Anybody can draw an image of Ariel on top of a basic sheet cake for an Ariel birthday party. The trick is to use a printed picture of Ariel as a guide for the image. Cut the picture out around Ariel's outline, place it on the unfrosted cake and trace around it lightly with a knife. Mark the dividing areas between sections such as her hair and her outfit by poking through the picture with a toothpick along those lines. After removing the picture, frost the background with blue icing and fill in the picture of Ariel with the appropriate colours of icing or decorating gel.

Ariel Doll Cake

An Ariel doll, figurine or cake topper can be used as the finishing touch on a cake decorated like any of the scenes from "The Little Mermaid." The birthday girl might even want to choose her favourite scene to depict on the cake. One option is to decorate half of the cake like the beach using graham cracker crumbs and the other half like the ocean using blue frosting. The Ariel doll could sit on the ocean side of the cake. Another idea is to decorate a cake like an underwater scene with plastic or candy seashells and fish and place Ariel on top.

Ariel Cupcakes

Basic cupcakes can be turned into Ariel cupcakes with a printer and a few simple supplies. Print out a picture of Ariel that is about two to three inches tall for each cupcake. Cut out the pictures and tape each one to a toothpick. Frost the cupcakes with blue icing to make them look like an ocean scene and stick an Ariel cupcake topper into each cupcake. Another idea would be to print out photos of lots of different characters from "The Little Mermaid" to have some Ariel cupcakes and others with Eric, Sebastian or Flounder.

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