Fun Indoor Activities for Youth Groups

Written by shaunta alburger | 13/05/2017
Fun Indoor Activities for Youth Groups
Skits and other dramatic play are educational and fun youth group activities. (casey,young,beautiful,teenager,actress,blonde,woma image by Earl Robbins from

Indoor youth group activities might encourage team-building, use dramatic play as a form of entertainment, or help children learn. Whatever the goal is for the event, spending time indoors playing together and engaging in group activities encourage learning and build memories.

Team-building Activities

Activities that require people to work together encourage them to come together as a team. Try dividing the youths into two teams, giving each a collection of supplies and the goal of building the tallest possible structure in the shortest possible time. Another way to encourage team building is to stretch a rope five feet in the air and give the instruction to get everyone over the rope as if it were an electric fence. Team builders encourage groups to think together to solve a problem.

Mind Benders

Gather your youth group together for a trivia game. Divide the group into two teams and have them demonstrate their knowledge by asking each team trivia questions and setting a timer for some added excitement. Or try a group story. Start them off with a sentence or two and let each member of the group add his own twist, one at a time.


Let the kids divide into small groups and instruct them to come up with a skit to share at the end of the evening. Re-enacting historical events is another dramatic way for a youth group to spend an evening and learn at the same time. Try a game of charades to get the whole group playing at the same time.

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