Landscaping ideas for a rectangular yard

Updated February 21, 2017

Many homes have a limited amount yard space, and the area they do have is rectangular in shape. If you have a rectangular yard, there are various landscaping ideas that you may incorporate to break up the angular lines. A rectangular shape gives you an easy canvas to work off of in terms of design. No matter what shape your yard is, incorporating plants and design elements will enhance the overall look of the yard.

Flower Beds

No matter where you place a flower bed, the design breaks up the monotony of a grassy, rectangular yard. If you want to add some colour to the landscaping, place a flower bed up against the edge of the property, running from the curb to a gate or house feature. Remove the grass and add shrubbery or flowers to the bed; then cover with shredded bark or mulch. You may also run a flower bed along the perimeter of the front or back yard, placing it along the curb and/or sides of the property line. Once the shrubbery grows, you will also have additional privacy. Choose the shrubbery and flowers based on your location, since your growing conditions will vary based on climate or amount of sunlight.

Seating Area

For a rectangular yard, one of the corners away from the house is an ideal space to use for a social seating area. Clear the space of grass or rocks, and flatten the area using a soil compactor. Place flagstones in a shape that will accommodate a patio set or benches. Pour sand between the flagstones to keep them firmly in place, and hose away excess sand. Once the sand has dried, put a patio set on the new flagstone patio and use for social nights during the summer. You may also add a copper-bowled fire pit around the patio to keep warm during the evenings and place tiki lights around the patio area for lighting.

Garden Retreat

Whether you want a garden with edible vegetables or herbs or simply an area to get away and relax in, a small garden retreat is easy to create in a rectangular yard. Decide where you want to place the garden and then clear the area. Plant fruits, vegetables or herbs in a portion of the garden. You may also create a flower garden with aromatic plants such as roses, lavender or jasmine. Add a wrought iron or wooden bench to the opposite area for relaxing, and add a decorative touch such as a birdbath or a flea market find like a vintage wheelbarrow.

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