LEGO Star Wars Cake Ideas

Written by danielle odom | 13/05/2017
LEGO Star Wars Cake Ideas
What kid doesn't like Star Wars and LEGOs? (lego 1 image by Nathalie P from

Originally released in 1977, Star Wars has become a favourite of just about everyone that has ever watched it. From these movies, there have been various types of merchandising, including the all-time favourite building material, LEGOs. In 2007, LucasArts released Lego Star Wars for various gaming platforms. To make any little boy's birthday wish come true you can create a cake that combines the excitement of Star Wars and the goodness of cake.

LEGO Block

The most basic design for making a Lego cake would be to bake a sheet cake and then make cup cakes. Cut the cupcakes in half and use the bottom half as the circles that are on the top of the Lego bricks. Place six cupcake halfs on the cake and frost to look like a large Lego brick. Add Star Wars figures on top of the cake for decoration and to play with later. You can have the characters "building" the cake or having an epic battle.

LEGO Studs

You could bake cupcakes and carve them to look like the Lego "studs" that you collect in the video game. Bake the cupcakes and peel off the wrappers. Cut the rounded tops off and turn upside down. Cut a circle into the cupcake that is about a half an inch in from the outside edge. Frost the cupcakes with an electric blue, gold or silver frosting (the game has studs with these colours) and stack them around the table. You could either put one at each kids seat, or you could make the first cake and situate these around it.


Purchase a "Lego Man" cake pan and decorate the cake as your child's favourite Lego Star Wars character. Frost the cake with a peach frosting, then use a piping bag to pipe on the details of the face. There is also a C-3PO cake pan, an R2-D2 cake pan, a ship cake pan and a Darth Vader cake pan. There are all kinds of fondant to make details with or other accents like edible glitter and edible images to dress up any cake that you can think up.

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