Fruit Platter Ideas for Kids

Updated November 21, 2016

Fruit platters are delicious treats for guests at a party or social function. Children are typically more likely to snack on fruit than vegetables because fruits have a sweet taste. Creative fruit platters for kids are made with flower cookie cutter shapes. You can also make a fruit platter with a specific theme in mind. For instance, a fruit platter for a Hawaiian party might be decorated with traditional flowers from Maui.

Hawaiian Fruit Platter

A Hawaiian fruit platter for a kids' party is ideal for a Hawaiian theme or just for fun. This type of platter features exotic fruit from the Hawaiian islands. The platter is filled with pineapple, kiwi, star fruit, papaya, mandarin oranges, bananas and passion fruit. The bananas are kept in the peel and other fruits such as pineapple are cut up into chunks. When the platter is finished, place flowers from the Islands on the plate as well. The yellow hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. Other flowers such as the pink lokelani or white kukui are also appealing choices that come from the island of Maui.

Animal Platter

An animal fruit platter is excellent for a kid's birthday party with an animal theme. You need to find animal cookie cutters that match your theme. For instance, if you are hosting a Dalmatian party, select dog cookie cutters online or in baking shops. When making your platter, you simply cut dense fruit such as pineapple into large square sheets and use the cookie cutters to make your shape. Small cookie cutters should be available for smaller fruit.

Include edible candy puppies on the plate as well and if possible find a large paw plate to place your puppy-shaped fruit on. All the pieces of fruit do not need to be in puppy shapes, but try to have a few dog configurations. You can also find dog bone cookie cutters as well, to mix things up a bit.

Spring Platter

A spring fruit platter uses the same concept as an animal-themed platter. To make a spring platter you would use flower cookie cutter shapes instead of animals. Select a variety of flower-shaped cutters that resemble daises, pansies and other flowers. If possible, find more than one type of flower to make the platter more interesting. Edible candy flowers create a finishing touch as well.

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