Country Woodlands Decorating Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are a nature lover and looking to bring the outside in, consider using a country woodlands theme to decorate your home. This theme evokes images of the great outdoors--from rustic finishes and furnishings to colour schemes that reflect nature. A home decorated in this fashion is warm and inviting and will have you feeling as if you are living amid nature, whether you live in a metropolis, suburbia or in an actual wooded area.

Woodlands Color Scheme

When choosing colours for this decorating theme, opt for hues that are found in wooded settings. Different shades of browns, tans and taupe call to mind the colour of tree trunks. Sage, emerald, forest green and even olives reflect the colours of woodland leaves. Gray and black provide the look of stone. Bring in pops of colour with reds, blues and yellows--the colours you see in flowers, leaves and the sky, for instance.

Natural Materials

A country woodlands decorating theme is all about nature. As such, the use of natural materials will surely help to bring an outdoor feeling indoors. For flooring, choose unfinished, wide-planked wood. Slate or travertine tile is another ideal flooring option. Frame your ceiling with faux exposed beams. Hang wood panelling on the walls, or create an eye-catching feature wall with brick or rocks.

The Furnishings

Another way to create a country woodlands look in your home is with the furnishings. Keep the natural vibe going by bringing in furniture made of various types of wood--such as oak, pine, cherry, walnut and mahogany. For this look, tables and chairs don't have to match--use an eclectic mix. A table made of reclaimed wood, such as an old barn door, brings character to the space and also serves as a conversation piece. For comfortable seating, use overstuffed chairs and sofas upholstered in leather or natural-coloured fabrics. In the bedroom, a headboard made of natural, unfinished logs is an ideal choice.

Natural Accessories

Accessories complete the look of your woodlands decorating theme. Add warmth to the floor with a braided rug. Dress beds with patchwork blankets, or turn them into artwork by hanging them on the walls. Display a collection of antique pottery on wall shelves. Wrought iron candlesticks, lamps and wall art lend themselves well to a country woodlands-inspired room. Prints of woodland landscapes certainly fit into the space. Place living plants in large urns on the floor or in flower pots on tables.

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