Birthday Cake Ideas for Woodworkers

Updated June 26, 2018

Treat the woodworker in your life with a themed birthday cake. Whether the guest of honour makes money in woodworking or enjoys it as a hobby, the theme works well for a birthday party. The hobby provides inspiration for different cake designs, depending on personal preference and cake decorating experience.


A toolbox cake is an easy option to tie in the woodworking theme. Sheet cakes are stacked to create the toolbox itself. Cut two 9-inch-by-13-inch sheet cakes in half to create four separate pieces. Stack the four pieces, adding a layer of icing between each piece to hold them together. Cover the cake with frosting tinted to match the colour of the woodworker's actual toolbox. Another option is to cover the cake with tinted fondant. Use additional fondant tinted grey to make a handle and clasps for the toolbox. Fondant is similar to clay, allowing you to shape it into the desired design. Let the handle and clasps dry so they harden before placing them on the cake.


A board cake is another simple option that is a logical choice for a woodworker. Cut a sheet cake in half lengthwise. You can either place the two pieces end to end to create one long board, or keep them separate for two different boards. Ice the cakes with brown frosting. Use a toothpick to create wood-grain lines in the frosting. You can also create several smaller boards and arrange them on the cake board to spell out a message.


Woodworking tools make a good topper for a plain sheet cake served at a woodworker's birthday party. Ice the sheet cake in any colour you want to use. Use fondant to create the different tools that the recipient uses on a regular basis. This might include saws, screwdrivers, levels, paintbrushes and clamps. Let the fondant tools dry for a few days. Arrange the tools on top of the iced sheet cake. Leave space on top of the sheet cake for writing the birthday message.


Nails are another key component to the woodworking craft. Fondant works well to create edible nails for the top of the cake. Roll a small piece into a long, skinny piece. Make it come to a point at one end. Make a flat nail head at the opposite end. Give the nails a few days to dry. Ice a sheet cake with brown frosting to create a wood appearance. You can use a darker brown icing to draw in lines to create the look of several boards placed together. Arrange the nails on top of the iced cake to spell out the birthday message.

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