Children's Book-Character Costume Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Children love to dress up as their favourite storybook character. Whether for Halloween or some other costume party, children's books offer unlimited costume ideas for kids to design and wear. And they don't require a lot of work---just a little creativity and a desire to have fun.

Harry Potter

The enormous success of J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series has spawned numerous costume ideas, with the title character the easiest to design. By simply wearing a pair of thick round glasses, a cape and a lightning bolt drawn on the forehead, the Harry Potter costume can be completed in a single afternoon. To complete the look, choose a small piece of wood to function as Harry's wand---you can always cut off the end of a wooden spoon or look outside for a twig.


Bram Stoker's dark vision of the original vampire is always in style. A black cape, pointed teeth and slicked back hair (with, of course, a widow's peak) are the foundations of the Dracula costume. And adding make-up---such as a white foundation, black rings around the eyes and a dab of red paint on the lip--- creates more detail than simply wearing a mask.

Little Red Riding Hood

The classic fairy tale character who just wanted to visit her sick grandmother has been a costume favourite for generations, in part, because the costume is relatively simple: a red cape with a hood, a Victorian-era dress and a picnic basket. Even in its most primitive incarnation, the costume is easily recognised.

Curious George

The little monkey who always seems to get into trouble provides a simple costume idea for kids. And a monkey costume doesn't need to be difficult to make: a pair of brown trousers and a brown shirt would suffice, along with a monkey mask or face paint. To make the costume more authentic, have another child (or an adult) dress up as the Man in the Yellow Hat, another easily created costume, since all you need is a big yellow hat.

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