Greek Baptism Requirements

Updated November 21, 2016

For the most part, Greek Orthodox churches baptise babies shortly after they are born. The religion does not believe that a person needs to understand the significance of the baptism at the time it happens. For a baby to be baptised in a Greek Orthodox church, there are certain requirements to which the parents of the child must adhere.

Presence of Godparent

The presence of a godparent is required at a baby's baptism. The parents of the child should choose a person who they want to be a spiritual guide in their baby's life. The Greek Orthodox religion requires that the godparent be an Orthodox Christian. The godparent must also be in good standing with the law and community. The godparent will speak on behalf of the baby at the baptism.

Active Church Membership

It's necessary for the parents of the baby to be active members of a Greek Orthodox church. If the parents have an older child that was baptised in a Greek Orthodox church but didn't regularly attend, a priest will have to review the situation to see if baptism in the Greek Orthodox church is appropriate. The Greek Orthodox religion wants to know parents are dedicated to bringing their baby up in the church before baptism occurs.

Appropriate Garments

There are certain items that the godparent and parents are responsible for bringing the day of the baptism. The baby must be dressed in a white Christening gown, along with a white cap. The baby needs to wear a white bodysuit under the gown. A cross and chain and one large candle are needed for the ceremony. A bar of soap and a small bottle of olive oil are also needed for the actual baptising portion of the ceremony. A hand towel and a large white towel are needed to dry the child off.

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