Gifts for wealthy people

Updated July 18, 2017

Your wealthy friends may already have everything they could possibly want. They also have the money to satisfy their every whim. So how do you choose a gift that will please them? This challenge calls for inspired thought and a good look at what the market has to offer in the way of gift-giving to the wealthy.

Expensive Gifts

Buying gifts for the financially privileged necessitates careful thought. If the occasion requires you purchase an expensive gift, avoid popular items such as iPads and iPods, digital video cameras and blue-ray TVs because chances are your wealthy friends already have these. If the gift is for a business associate, consider Davidoff's Zino Platinum cigars. These can cost £1,625 for 15 cigars. Davidoff's £3,721 Red Mahogany Cigar Humidor might be the perfect gift if your associate is a cigar aficionado.

Many ladies love jewellery, and if your friend is a woman, diamond-drop earrings or an £5,200 pendant, a unique pin, bracelet or necklace can make a good gift. For about £3,900 you can also give ruby-and-diamond encrusted dice cufflinks to a male friend. If your friend is a traveller, £13,000 silent rolling suitcases are available made of horsehair and red Italian burl. Many wealthy people also appreciate rare books. First-edition childhood favourites summon nostalgia and can cost anywhere from £5,200 on up.

For your rich New Age friend, try shopping for a unique body chain hand-designed to stimulate spiritual energy in the body. Such chains cost upwards of £650.

For the sporty, active friend consider a transparent canoe ($1,600 and up), a fighter pilot experience (upwards of £975) or a chance to be a sailing captain in New York waters for a year (more than £4,550). If the gift is for a wealthy child, your choice might be a ramshackle playhouse that looks as if it belongs in a cartoon for £2,275.

Inexpensive Gifts

Although your friend may be wealthy and even famous besides, it does not mean you are. If you take the time, you can find an inexpensive gift that has a good chance of pleasing your financially privileged friend. A personalised, leather-coated flask (around £19) works for either gender. For the friend who truly has everything, you could give a personalised deed to one square inch of land in each and every of the 50 states for as little as £13.

Over-the-top Gifts

If you are also financially privileged and would like to give an appallingly expensive gift to a wealthy friend or colleague, perhaps you would like to offer a Virtual Butler. For £13,000 a butler will appear through a specially designed mirror in your friend's home and speak through your friend's home speakers. Another choice might be a £16,250 solid gold iPhone with more than 100 diamonds with a £9,750 diamond-studded case. There is also a £35,750 gold remote control that looks like a UFO and controls the home theatre system.

Also available is a waterproof pool table ($7,000 and up) made for an outdoor swimming pool, and a virtual reality golf simulator for the office starting at £24,700. For the daring, consider giving a levitating hover scooter, which will levitate your friend inches above the ground for about £11,050.

Krug has a limited-edition Champagne trunk for about £29,250 including a truffle grater, three bottles of Champagne and mother-of-pearl caviar spoons. If you wish to spend more, there is always the gift of a flying car, if you don't mind spending more than three million dollars.

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