5 Different Types of Pasta

Updated April 17, 2017

Pasta is an Italian staple that has been adopted by a variety of cuisines, ranging from American, to Asian, to South American. According to the National Pasta Association, pasta has become a staple among families not only for its ability to adapt to a variety of cuisines, but because it is a healthy economical food choice as well. There are a variety of pasta types and flavours to choose from, yet among those types there are some popular types of pasta that are known and loved for their versatility, affordability, and taste.


Farfalle pasta is shaped like a butterfly or a bow-tie. It is medium in size and is usually used in baked casserole dishes, served with red sauce or used as the primary ingredient in pasta salad. Smaller shaped farfalle is known as farfallini, and the larger shaped farfalle is called farfallone.


Spaghetti is comprised of long, skinny strands of noodles. It comes in various sizes, such as the thinnest strand pasta, which is known as angel hair pasta. Spaghetti is served beneath pasta sauce with some kind of protein, or coated with a pesto sauce. It also comes in a variety of ingredients, such as wheat, multi-grain, omega-3 enriched, spinach and white flour.


Ravioli is a stuffed pasta shaped like a tiny, round puffed pillow. It is typically filled with vegetables and seasonings, cheeses, and meats and served with either a red sauce or a butter or oil-based sauce.


Lasagne noodles make up the primary ingredient in the layered casserole named after the noodle itself, lasagne. They are thick noodles that are a few inches wide and are layered in lasagne in between a variety of ingredients such as cheeses, vegetables, sauce and meats.


Conchiglioni is a shell-shaped pasta noodle that is often served stuffed with meat or cheese beneath red sauce. They are also common main ingredients in pasta salads and various soups.

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