Nice Things to Do for Your Girlfriend's Birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

Surprise your girlfriend on her birthday with a unique afternoon excursion or a romantic night out especially tailored to her specific interests and tastes. If you've been dating awhile and you happen to know exactly what she'd love on her special day, consider yourself lucky. If you need more help, ask close friends and family for some unique ideas. Always remember that whatever you choose, spending quality time with your girlfriend will always be the perfect present.

Fine Dining

Plan a special night out for your girlfriend's birthday by taking her to an upscale restaurant. Choose a location that serves her favourite cuisine (if you are a new couple, be sure to ask her parents or friends for ideas) or go to a newly opened or a popular restaurant you know she's been dying to try. Remember to call ahead for a reservation and inquire about the restaurant's dress code. Although you may want to keep the destination a surprise for your girlfriend, let her know ahead of time how to dress. Many restaurants offer a special free dessert if they know you are celebrating a birthday or other special occasion.

Outdoor Picnic

An outdoor picnic is always a romantic way to celebrate a birthday. If your girlfriend loves to hike, look up scenic hiking trails in your area and plan a day of hiking together that ends with a relaxing picnic lunch. Or if you live near the ocean, choose to spend a casual day at the beach, complete with sun, sand, waves and a cooler full of her favourite drinks and snacks. Impress her with a special picnic of her favourite cheeses, fruits, breadsticks, and special sparkling fruit sodas. Or prepare gourmet sandwiches and homemade cookies in advance. Also consider placing a takeout order at her favourite restaurant and picking it up on the way to your chosen picnic location. Simple, close-to-home alternatives could be having a picnic at a local park or even your own backyard.

Spa Day

For an extra-special birthday, book a relaxing day at the spa for your girlfriend to enjoy by herself before a couples night out, or schedule to go together. Many spas offer couples massages as a romantic way to celebrate a special occasion. Employees at the spa can help you choose treatments you think would appeal to your girlfriend and will also work with your budget. As an alternative, you might choose to give your girlfriend a gift token to the spa ahead of time, so she can contact the spa herself and schedule her choice of treatments the day of her birthday.

Shopping Trip

If your girlfriend loves to shop, plan a special day of shopping just for the two of you. Accompany her to her favourite stores or the local mall, and be sure to offer to carry her bags. Help pay for a special outfit or give her a gift card to pay for her purchases. If your girlfriend is more of a pottery buff or antique nut, spend the day visiting her favourite antique stores or consignment shops. Many antique centres and flea markets offer refreshments, so make a special day of it helping her find a one-of-a-kind birthday present. If your girlfriend prides herself on her frugal nature, consider a weekend of garage sale hopping or a gift card to eBay.

Movie Marathon

Watching movies together is always a quality way to spend time with your girlfriend and is an intimate way to celebrate her birthday. Plan a weekend movie marathon and choose a few of her favourite movies to watch. If you have been together awhile, pick romantic movies you watched when you were first dating, or ask family members and close friends for some of her favourite childhood movies. Ensure that you know your girlfriend's movie tastes so you don't pick movies or genres that she dislikes. Provide classic cinema munchies--popcorn, candy and sodas--or order takeout at her favourite restaurant to eat while watching the movies.

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