Dawn of War 2 Mod Tools

Updated July 19, 2017

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II is a hybrid real-time strategy and role-playing game that has been on sale since 2009. Since its release, a game-modification community has formed around the software. Many community members have supplied tools to help map developers and modders use the files inside the Dawn of War II archives.

Developer Tools

Relic has released a fully functioning map editor for Dawn of War II. The editor is called World Builder and can be found in the main Dawn of War II file. This is located inside the main Dawn of War II folder and is not a separately installed program. Another tool, the archive, comes with the game. This tool allows the modder to modify the scripts that have been extracted. This is used in combination with the community-created SGA Reader 2 tool.

Community Tools

Cope's DOW II Toolbox allows the player to edit many different attributes of the main Dawn of War II game. The tool can also be expanded using other tools created by community members. This tool only works with the Relic binary file (RBF) format in Dawn of War II modules. Santos Tools 2 is an editor designed for modifying models in the game. It includes the ability to import and export models to 3D Studio Max. Santos Tools also includes a model editor. The main use of this tool is to import models that were not created by the user and export models that were created by the user.

SGA Reader 2 is a tool that helps the modder open files with the .sga extension in Dawn of War II. This allows access to the scripts used to create the game. This is a reader and doesn't modify the scripts. RBF Converter is a tool that converts the Relic binary files to a text files. Text files are editable by any word processing software. This allows a user to work with a file in a format that is easily edited and saved without needing another tool.


SCARdoc is the official reference guide for using the language Relic used to create Dawn of War II. This will help you understand much of what is going on inside the scripts that run the game.

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