Exercises for flabby arms in women

Updated April 17, 2017

Women develop flabby arms due to several reasons including obesity, age, high mounts of body fat, excess weight loss, lack of muscular exercise or just no exercise at all. The excess flab that develops on the arm area that is due to increased body fat can be harder to firm up as women age. This is because body fat becomes more difficult to lose as the body's metabolism rate begins to decrease with age, but it is not impossible to firm up flabby arms, when you plan the right exercise routine.


Push-ups benefit the muscles in the lower and upper arm area and enable the areas of flab on the arms to become firmer. Lay face down on an exercise mat with both hands facing palm down, all fingers straight, aligned with the chest area. Align feet with hips, keeping the legs straight. By extending the elbows, begin to straighten both arms, lifting the entire body up off the floor. Lower the entire body while keeping it straight back towards the floor. Hold when the body is a few inches from the floor and repeat. If exercise is a new experience, begin with 10 to 20 push-ups a day.

Upper Body Aerobics

Aerobics covers several different exercises that can benefit the entire body. Use them to help improve circulation, reduce body fat and turn flabby arms into firmer arms. Firming weights are an extra beneficial aerobics exercise tool for improving results. The types of aerobic exercises that can benefit a woman who wants to get rid of flabby arms are curls and triceps kickbacks. Curls and triceps kickbacks provide weakened muscles with physical stress and stretching, which causes these muscles to become firm.


Swimming is one of the most popular forms of exercise; it's good for firming up flabby arms on women, but also benefits the entire body. Different swimming movements such as the crab, the crawl, breaststroke and back stroke all help towards the toning of flabby arms, as long as you keep swimming sessions regular. A sufficient amount of time for beginners can vary between 30 minutes to an hour.

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