Lounge Wallpaper Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If your lounge walls are looking a little dated and tired, cover them with wallpaper. You can create a traditional or unusual wall in your lounge, depending on the type of wallpaper you buy. Wallpaper today comes in a wide range of styles and materials, including fabric and fibre options.

See the Big Picture

To create an eye-catching focal wall in your lounge, use a big picture to cover your wall. You can purchase large, single- or multiple-wall wallpaper images from a variety of retailers. Pick one of the standard pictures, or get your wallpaper customised with a picture of your own. Picture wallpaper is applied in much the same way as traditional wallpaper, but the picture is often one big sheet.

Pick Something Detailed

To add a more formal or fun look to your wall, pick a detailed wallpaper. For a traditional look, choose an intricately patterned wallpaper featuring diamonds, large flowers or stripes. For a more contemporary look, put up something unusual, like a wallpaper with vines or houses. If you're looking for a more creative style, choose a simple, single-coloured wallpaper and paint or draw images of your own on it.

Keep It Simple

For a bold or contemporary style, keep it simple. Choose a single-coloured wallpaper in white, bold red or even blue. Simple wallpapers can add a splash of colour, but pick something with a little detail or an unusual texture, like linen or a vinyl-type fabric, to give your wall character and depth. For an unusual look, use wallpaper in a single colour with a unique texture on one wall, and then paint the rest of the room the same colour as the wallpaper. The textured wall will catch your eye and create a focal point without changing the colour.

Combine Pieces

If you can't find just one wallpaper you like, combine pieces to create a brand new look. Use different rolls of wallpaper to create stripes on your wall, or cover most of the walls with one wallpaper and use another wall to add detail. Install pieces of the second wallpaper above windows, around doors or in an unusual alcove to add visual interest and colour, depending on your wallpaper selection.

Paint It

If you can't decide on a colour just yet, pick up a wallpaper you can paint in a texture you love. Textures range from simple vines to more intricate and complex patterns, like raised diamonds. You can pick up a wide variety of such wallpapers from most home improvement or wallpaper stores. Depending on the manufacturer, the initial wallpaper can come in a number of colours, but the paper is often a neutral colour, like white, initially.

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