The Differences in Real and Fake Oakleys

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The Differences in Real and Fake Oakleys
Genuine Oakleys have a few traits that set them apart from fakes. (sunglasses image by Earl Robbins from

Oakley sunglasses are one of the most popular brands of sunglasses worldwide. Because of this, many knock-offs are being sold as well. The fakes are convincing if you don’t know what to look for, but Oakley uses patented innovations when designing their sunglasses and there are a few clear signs that will tell you whether you have genuine Oakleys or fakes.


Low-priced sunglasses are likely fakes. Fake Oakleys are priced at about one tenth of the retail of real Oakleys, which is why many buyers get duped. If the deal sounds too good, chances are that it is. Oakleys suggested retail is typically much higher than £65. Unless you’re buying through a wholesaler, be wary of cheaply priced glasses claiming to be Oakleys.


On fake Oakleys, the name on the lenses will be screen-printed in white. On genuine Oakleys, the name is etched into the lens. Another good indicator you have fake Oakleys is if the label appears to scratch off. Real Oakleys are made to be durable, and the label should not scratch or fade easily.


If there is a sticker on any part of the glasses then your Oakleys are likely fake. The only exception is prescription Oakleys, in which case a sticker with “Oakley Rx” might be on the lens. Oakleys do not have stickers anywhere on them otherwise.


Oakley used to make hand grips for bikes, and the rubber they used then is the same rubber they use on the nose pieces and earsocks of their glasses now. It should feel soft and sticky. If this is not the case, then your Oakleys may be fakes.

Lens Quality

Fake Oakleys will have very cheap lenses. Real Oakleys are of high quality, and very few Oakley lenses are tinted. When you put on a pair of genuine Oakleys, your vision should be sharp, not distorted in any way.

Made in the USA

On the inner part of the frame the glasses should show "made in the United States of America." If "Made in Taiwan" or "Made in China" is written on your glasses, this is an indicator that the Oakleys are fakes.


Oakley frames, particularly the e-wire frames, have two screws holding them together. Fakes often have only one. Fewer screws means that the glasses will break more easily. The frames of real Oakleys are not stiff; they bend rather than break. Fake Oakleys are stiff and brittle and do not bend.

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