Talent show act ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Talent shows draw all types of talent from singing and dancing, to musical instruments and comedy. You don't have to be an expert to participate in a talent show and entertain your audience. All you need is a creative idea to catch the audience's imagination, make them laugh, or catch them by surprise.

Bad Talent

Imitate a celebrity very badly, but make sure it is obvious who the celebrity is supposed to be. A boy or girl band is a fun idea to do with a few friends. Each band member should be a caricature like the "bad boy" or the "sporty girl." Lip sync to a real song by a boy or girl band. You could also try doing a silly talent and pretend you think it is amazing. For example, fill up several wine glasses with different amounts of water and practice running your finger around the edge to get a ringing sound. Dress in a fancy gown or tuxedo and play the part of a maestro, making great flourishes and bows and gesturing for more applause even if your "music" doesn't sound like anything.

Music Video Reenactment

Learn a dance from a music video and perform it to the song. "Thriller" by Michael Jackson is a popular and crowd-pleasing choice. Dress as Michael Jackson and recruit some friends to dress as zombies and perform it with you. You can even place some of the dancers out in the audience.

Wild Animals

Dress up in a safari costume and pretend to host a wild animal demonstration. Have a few friends dressed as various wild animals and bring them on stage. During the skit, everything goes wrong. You can be mauled by a tiger or bitten by a crocodile, while your elephant stampedes across the stage or into the audience.

Magic Show

A magic show is entertaining and impressive, and it's something you can learn for the talent show even if you've never done it before. You can purchase magic tricks, kits and books with instructions on performing simple, but eye-catching illusions and sleight of hand. Some good magic tricks to do in front of an audience are appearing or disappearing objects, turning something into something else and levitating items. These types of tricks are visible to the entire audience, as opposed to card tricks or tricks using coins or small objects, which can be hard to see from a distance.

Best Dance Moves--Not

Stage a fake dance contest. Recruit a few friends as contestants, put on some music and take turns doing the most ridiculous and terrible "dance" moves you can think of. Make the audience vote for the winner by applause, recruit a single judge from the audience, or have a "judge" in on the act lavishing praise on the dancers. The worst moves should get the most praise.

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