Roof Cleaning Machines

Updated February 21, 2017

One of the biggest dangers to a roof is fungus; more specifically, black fungus (saprophytic fungi). If a home is located in a warm and humid climate, or if the home is surrounded by trees or a body of water, homeowners must clean their roofs regularly to prevent black fungus from accumulating. Fungus growth not only deteriorates the quality and durability of the roof, but overtime the fungus turns the roofing tiles black, which causes the roof to absorb more heat, radiating it into the home. To care for a roof, homeowners can purchase machines and cleaners specifically designed for this use.

Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are available in a wide variety of configurations and prices. When buying a pressure washer for roof cleaning, purchase one that features a PSI, or Pounds per Square Inch, between 2,200 and 3,000. This configuration is ideal for larger outdoor jobs, such as cleaning roofing tiles, siding and driveways. Pressure washers are powered by gas or electric. Electric washers are quieter and feature lower maintenance than gas washers; however, they are normally larger than gas washers and often provide less power than their gas counterparts. Gas pressure washers feature greater portability and have a stronger power source, which is ideal for cleaning stained roofing tiles. You can purchase pressure washers online as well rent them from home supply stores. Visit a home supply store, and speak with a pressure washer specialist to determine what style and configuration is best for your home.

Pitch Witch by ACE Cleaning

The Pitch Witch by ACE Cleaning is specifically designed to safely and effectively clean roofing tiles. This pressure washing machine attaches to a telescopic wand and features a specific nozzle design and wheels to clean roofs while the operator is on the ground. This attachment features chemical-resistant wheels and properly adjusts water pressure to effectively remove stains from roofing tiles without damaging the integrity of the roof. The main benefit of this roof pressure washing machine is it eliminates the need for the operator to climb onto the roof. Purchase the Pitch Witch by ACE Cleaning directly from the manufacturer's website (see References) or through home improvement retail stores.

Telescopic Wand

Pressure washer telescopic wands are necessary to clean a roof as it can extend in upwards of 24 feet, allowing operators to forgo the use of ladders to clean tall surfaces. Consumer-grade telescopic wands are available from 6 1/2 to 24 feet in length and attach directly to the pressure washing machine. The internal design of this pressure washer machine attachment is developed to maintain the pressure of water throughout the tube even when extended to full length. Users control the water flow through a handle located at the end of the wand. Purchase pressure washer telescopic wands online through merchants such as Ultimate Washer (see References) or at home improvement stores where pressure washers are sold.

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