Party Games for Girls Age 11

Updated December 15, 2016

If you are hosting a party for an 11-year-old girl and her friends, keep them occupied with games. Otherwise, boredom and potential chaos will ensue. Fortunately, there are many party games that will appeal to your 11-year-old and her friends.

Fun Lib

A Mad Libs spin-off, this game starts with you passing out a set of about five fill-in-the-blank sentences to each girl. Sentences can be simple, such as “I don’t own but would like to have a _____." Then, pass out a paragraph that you made up, so that each girl gets her own copy of the paragraph. It should have missing words. Underneath each blank space, in parentheses, instruct the players which of their answers (from sentences one through five) to insert in the blank space. After everyone has completed the paragraph with their answers, have the girls take turns reading their paragraphs aloud. The results will have the girls laughing.

Skit in a Bag

Fill two or three shopping bags with random, mismatched items from around the house. The more random, the better. Divide the girls into teams of two or three, depending on how many bags you chose to fill up. Each team gets a bag. Don’t let them look in the bag until you’ve assigned each team its bag. Then, give the teams a predetermined amount of time, such as 10 or 15 minutes, to come up with a skit or commercial. They must use all the items in the bag, and every member of the teams must play a role in the skit or commercial. The birthday girl or guest of honour chooses the winner.

Spin the Nail Polish

For this game, you’ll need several colours of nail polish. Sit the girls in a circle and place the bottles, on their side, in the middle of the circle. The guest of honour starts the game by choosing a bottle to spin. The girl that the nail polish cap is pointing to when the bottle is done spinning must paint a single fingernail in that colour. She then chooses a bottle to spin and spins it, and the next girl that the bottle points to must paint one nail in that colour, and so on. The girl who gets all of her nails painted first wins. Choose funky, dramatically different colours for a fun effect.

Blind Makeover

Start this game by giving the girls a lesson on make-up application, since 11-year-olds likely have little experience on using make-up properly. Explain where on the cheekbones the blush goes, and how to properly apply foundation and powder. Then, break the group up into pairs. One person in each pair will put a blindfold on and do her partner’s make-up. Then, without looking in the mirror, the second person will don the blindfold and do her partner’s make-up. Bring each pair up to the front of the room and have the rest of the girls vote on which one’s make-up looks best. The winner in each pair gets a small prize.

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