Disco party ideas for 10-year-olds

Updated April 17, 2017

Ten-year-olds love to move, so let them dance at a disco-themed party. With appropriate invitations, decorations, clothing and activities, even the most bashful preteen will catch disco fever. They will love the funky music and clothes of the 1970s, and you can send them home with fun disco gear to remember the party.


Set the tone for a disco party by using popular terms of the 1970s. Tell guests to wear groovy clothes and wigs for a far-out time. Include the location, date and time of the event. Add a phone number if guests need to RSVP. If you want to get creative with your invitations, cut bell bottom shapes out of old blue jeans, and write the party details on them. Decorate the invitations with stickers or glitter.


Set the stage for a disco fun by setting up a dance floor with a mirrored disco ball hanging overhead. Consider having the party at a skating rink. The rink probably will have a disco ball, and the skating rink can double as a dance floor. Add silver and gold floor-to-ceiling streamers. Put bean bag chairs around the room to give guests a comfortable spot to rest or talk to friends. Add a few lava lamps.


Encourage guests to wear their disco best. Boys should wear fedoras and leisure suits with polyester shirts. Girls can wear bell bottoms or long flowing dresses with flowers in their hair. Be prepared with a trunk of extra 1970s clothes and wigs for guests who don't have any. A thrift store or consignment shop should have a good selection at reasonable prices.


Serve a 1970s classic: fondue. Serve bowls of warm cheese with pretzels, an assortment of vegetables, chips and bread cubes. Set up trays of dessert dippers, such as marshmallows, cake squares, graham crackers and fruits with bowls of warm chocolate. Don't forget the skewers to keep messy fingers out of the bowls. Serve a smiley face birthday cake.


Get your party guests moving. A game of musical chairs set to disco tunes is a funky twist on a party favourite. Teach a dance class. Show your guests (or hire a professional) how to do the Hustle or any of John Travolta's moves in "Saturday Night Fever." Set up a few Twister mats, and let children get all tangled up playing the classic game.


Send guests home with small mirrored disco ball key chains, groovy glitter sunglasses or mood rings. Consider making a CD of favourite disco tunes for each party guest to take home.

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