Dyson DC25 Servicing Tips

Updated February 21, 2017

The Dyson DC25 vacuum is an all-floor upright vacuum cleaner. It has a ball base that allows an easier range of motion and it promises to never lose suction, as long as it is operated correctly. Correctly following the use instructions in the user's manual will avoid most of the problems with a Dyson. However, if you've been lax, or if you've purchased a second hand item, you may need to service it occasionally.

Diagnosing for the Problem

Part of being able to repair a Dyson vacuum is looking for and determining the problem. If you find that your machine is losing suction, smells like burnt rubber, or simply stops working, it is likely that there is a blockage. Consult the user's manual to check the u-valve, hoses and brush bar for blockages. Oftentimes hair wraps around the brush bar and prevents it from moving. This can easily overheat the motor and cause it to smell and shut off.

Knowing When To Call a Professional

If you've tried all of the troubleshooting steps that Dyson recommends on its website and the DC25 user manual, consult a professional for help. Even if you have a lot of experience fixing appliances, tampering with it yourself could void your warranty. Instead, call Dyson to determine if your warranty will cover you particular problem. Most warranties last five years if you purchased your vacuum from a participating retailer. If you bought it second-hand or if you've had it longer than five years, consider fixing it on your own.

Cleaning Filters

Dyson recommends cleaning the DC25's filters every three months. This will help keep the vacuum from clogging. It will also facilitate the filtering process by removing the masses of dust that have been collected by the HEPA filter. Keep in mind that the filter differs from the bin. The bin collects what the vacuum has sucked up and the filter filters the exhaust air to improve the air quality in your home. Empty the bin when it is full and clean the filter at least every three months.

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