Hairstyles for Ladies' Day

Updated April 17, 2017

Ladies' Day, also known as the Gold Cup Meeting, is part of the five days of the Royal Meeting at Ascot. (Horse Race). On this one day, the focus is shifted from the horse racing and on to fashion, particularly ladies and their hats. It is imperative to have the right dress, accessories and most importantly, hat. For that reason, hair styles should be neat, clean and simple. The only exception is if the hairdo is part of the hat---then anything goes.

Long Hair

Consider wearing a simple long and straight hairstyle to spotlight the headdress. Another option for longer hair is the loose ponytail. This type of style keeps the hair neat, showcasing the fashion and in this case, the hat. For wide brimmed hats, long flowing curls are an option. If more interested in incorporating your hairstyle into the fashion accessory, try a dramatic feathered headpiece with your hair substituting as the feathers. If looking for an even more avante-garde 'do, use your hair as the hat by braiding hair in a circular motion around the head. Another option is to wear a high beehive 'do with the hat sitting at the very top of the hive.

Medium Length

There's plenty you can do with hair that is medium length. Wearing simple and straight is one option. Again, this keeps focus on the hat. Curls are another style to consider. Slightly curl the ends with a curling iron for an understated look or have all over curls to accent bigger show hats. If searching for a more dramatic look, consider all over spikes. To do this, leave a top section straight for a smaller hat with the rest of the hair in spikes. Add a touch of colour to the end of the spikes to match that colourful hat. The idea is to have fun and get as much attention as possible.

Shorter Length

For a more subdued look, try wearing your hair in a neat cropped style. This is also known as the short chop because the hair is worn closely to the head with the sides shorter than the top. Less frou-frou shows off the hat even more. You can even opt for slight curls. Because the length is short, most hairstyles will simply be hidden under your hat. However, there are a few exceptions. If you are going for bold, try using gel to get that edgy stand up look. Another option is to wear the hair straight. While this is a conservative style use the opportunity to wear the most outrageous headdress you can imagine. Everything from giant birds nest (with fake birds in it) to huge metallic purple candy wrappers have been worn to Ladies' Day by those with a simple short straight hairdo.

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